Barack Obama Stomped A Mudhole In Big Mac’s Ass

Gee Whiz! Barack Obama won the battle for the office of President of the United States.

He just didn’t win but he stomped a mudhole in John McCain’s butt and walked it dry. The final tally isn’t in but with 300+ Electoral College votes and an assload of popular votes the country basically got together last night and said ” We’re tired of the same ol’ bullshit, let’s get this show on the right road. “.

I watched last night as state after state fell to Obama’s influence. I saw how die hard evangelical states fell back toward their own evil ways and how some stood up to be accounted for progression.

Will Obama make a great president? Well after the piss pitiful example left by George W. Bush even Bullwinkle the Moose could make a presidency look glamorous in comparison.

The world needs some healing after the last 8 years of buffoonery and greed. Will Obama bring that healing? I’d say it’ll be a major start in a new direction the world hasn’t seen yet. The keyword here is “Justice”. I’m quite sure the majority of cops and military supported McCain because it’s that “John Wayne White Hat” mentality that permeates these people and that mentality has led us to economic ruin and disaster. Criminals have run rampant over the world for almost a century now and we the people are just sick and tired of it.

Watch crime drop like a freakin’ rock once Obama gets into office and establishes himself.

That’s when law enforcement and the military had better buck up like they did when FDR was president and when Dwight D. Eisenhower was president. Those men knew how to lay down the law and evil doers feared them.

Where do you fit in? Well this time the good guys are going to gain a foothold and this time we’ll make sure that no other stooges like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney will ever get into the election process again.

Seems fair enough to me.


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McCain, Palin, & President Bush Discuss Republican Strategies

Rallying together to discuss the recent presidential debate, Republican candidates John McCain, Sarah Palin, and President Bush get together for photographs while discussing the latest campaign strategies.

Of course this is a screen cap of the classic animated tv show “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle”. I had to post it as the naughty got hold of me.


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ROFLMAO! McCain says “stymie” during the presidential debate.

Maybe I’m too old but if your running mate is a black guy you don’t use terms like “stymie” during your debate with him.

Next thing you know that “Little Rascals” music will start playing in the background.


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David Letterman Dogpiles On John McCain…McCain Dissed Dave!


I thought this was part of a gag but late night talk show host David Letterman’s response to Republican Presidential candidate John McCain’s dropping out of their scheduled interview has left CBS with egg on their face.

Letterman obviously peeved at the fact that McCain ditched their interview and instead chose to do one with Katie Couric made Dave sore and Dave showed his creative muscle by snagging an internal newsfeed of McCain gettin’ pretty for the Couric interview when he had told Letterman he’d be off to Washington to face the economic crisis.

Dave got the last laugh. Why? Because like most politicians McCain did a weasle for the pretty spot. He knew Letterman’s wit was too sharp for him. He knew Letterman was going to ask him the tough questions and he chickened out.

Well Dave threw down and started some shit so he gets this week’s “Star Shit Award” for starting the most shit as a talk show host.

Now I’ll have to make up some certificates and get a sculpture made.


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