If Obama wins, Bush will resign, Cheney will pardon Bush, Cheney will then resign etc.

If Obama wins this election it’s a given he and Biden will go after Bush, Cheney, and everyone they’ve ever hung out with.  How do they avoid this?

Executive Clemency.

Here’s how it’s gonna work.   Seeing the groundswell to prosecute him for 100’s of criminal acts, Bush will step down for some reason or another and Cheney, now President will pardon him.  Cheney will then bow down moving his VP pick up to President ( probably Condoleeza Rice ) who will then pardon Cheney.

I know it feels like one of those conspiracy theories but you know what, when people said George W. would get us into a war, screw up the economy, and a dozen other things that have come to pass, those people were called conspiracy theorists then too.

Shows to go ya.

So this would be a sweeet move by the Republicans.  They would walk away with Bush and Cheney untouchable and they would have Condoleeza Rice as President for a few weeks establishing not only the first woman president but the first African American president taking away from Obama’s thunder.

See, I went to “Evil Mastermind University” and that’s how I come up with all this stuff.


This post was written by evolbaby on October 4, 2008

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