OJ Simpson To Appeal Convictions


So OJ gets sooooo busted and slammed for his stupid ass wanna be a cop and go after his sports memorabilia stunt in Las Vegas last year.

The jury delivered this shit to him exactly 13 years after he was found not guilty of killing his ex-wife and her friend.

Sounds kind of ironic doesn’t it? Sounds kind of orchestrated even more.

OJ is his worst enemy and he fell in with this last shenanigan of his where he and some armed pals of his decided they were gonna bogart OJ’s lost memorabilia or stolen as OJ asserts. Normal people just call the police. No, OJ must’ve thought he was in a movie until the judge read the verdict.

He faces life in prison but what gets me is OJ got busted for robbing his own shit but the guys who run those big banks we the citizens are forking over $700 billion for are running around scott free dining on lobster and playing golf at their clubs that cost $1 million to join.

You figure this one out. Was it revenge against OJ for being OJ? Was it the race card or celebrity card? Was it just the fact that taking things from other people at gunpoint is indeed a crime in the United States even if it does take place in Las Vegas?

Some, none, or all of the above.

We’ll find out at the next trial and if it turns out the jury was flakey I feel sorry for em’ down the road. Why? Because then OJ will have the opportunity to sue Nevada for this shit and walk away a multimillionaire.


This post was written by evolbaby on October 4, 2008

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