No Justice, No Peace, Cecil The Lion Will Be Avenged!


The news is bristling about the killing of a protected lion, named Cecil, in Zimbabwe.

The lion was shot by an American dentist, who it is reported, paid off a worker at the sanctuary, $50,000 for the chance to shoot the celebrated lion. The outrage worldwide has spread like wildfire and there’s no letting up anytime soon.


This post was written by Greg Boone on August 1, 2015

I’m baaaaack and ready to attaaaaack!

I’ve been away working like a dog. Drawing comic books, writing for news sites, fighting for my health and looking for a blonde I can call my own.

Now after today’s news about sexual abuse in the military I had to come back and start shit again.

Basically two news stories broke. The Senate didn’t pass a bid to overhaul the way the military handles sexual assault cases which are epidemic. Also, a Brigadier General who got busted for raping a woman under his command and coercing others to have sex with him or he’d kill their families is going to plead to lesser charges. Mind you this asstard fuck up was one of the top commanders in Afghanistan and ran the 82nd Airborne. Now we are sitting here broke as fuck and wondering where that $6 trillion we spent the past 13 years fighting in Afghanistan and LOST went. Oh, maybe it was under the guidance of military officials who couldn’t keep their pants on and thought their fellow American Citizens were sex toys.

They should take this general out and beat him with a horsewhip live on television and post it on YouTube.

In regard to the military handling sexual assault cases they have about as much to stand on in court as a double leg amputee in quicksand. They couldn’t even stop several of their top generals from acting like the military was their own private whorehouses and they are beefing about that if handling sexual assaults in the military fell under more civilian control that the chain of command would be compromised?

Hellooooo you double dipshit assclowns, the military is already compromised especially if you’re butt raping people under your command. It doesn’t get more compromised than that does it?

So write your legislature and start shit with them. They deserve it.

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This post was written by Greg Boone on March 6, 2014