Well this week’s “Asshat Award” goes to Israeli Holon Mayor Motti Sasson who was upset about seeing foreign players in his country. According to AFP via

Asshat Award
This dumb ass throwback just sent race relations back 50 years. Israel’s already got a problem with a long term series of racist
policies and actions against Black people and this incident was about as helpful as wearing combat boots at a ballet.

You wonder what else goes on in the minds of officials in Israel. How did this knuckle-walker get elected mayor in the first place?
No one noticed he was a screw up?

He’s since apologized but even a moron could see he was this way his entire life and he only apologized because he got busted.


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Malaysian Air Flight 370…Computer Hacked?

Well here we are in week two of this mystery regarding Malaysian Air flight 370.

There are more theories regarding what happened to this plane than there are farts at the annual Chili Eating Contest in Texas.

Everybody and their brother has a theory and that’s okay because some are so outlandish that it becomes entertaining unless you’re a family member or a friend of those poor souls onboard the flight. It’s got to be devastating to them not knowing what’s going on. The big thing is this incident is showing the world how incompetent we are in these matters after being told for years and spending 100s of billions of dollars on technologies that were supposed to detect and resolve such incidents.

We’re all in a quandary about radar, satellite surveillance and all the other top high tech gizmos our governments are supposed to have but none has of yet found this jet. So many things don’t make sense that in all probability the old adage that ‘hiding in plane sight’ may be the answer.

One question remains though. We now know that the plane was one of the new high tech ones that has an onboard computer system. This system is what is used to plot the course of the jet. The pilots can program it or the airport ground control can program it. Since it’s a computer my question to the rest of the press is could someone have hacked that computer system and taken over the jet?

It seems plausible as when these new computer systems were being engineered there were concerns that hacking could occur. Since hacking has just about upended every other system we have from banks to the NSA, then hacking an airliner’s computer system isn’t that far fetched.


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Politicians Should Live In The Most Poverty Stricken Areas Of Their Districts

Politicians Should Live In The Most Poverty Stricken Areas Of Their Districts

If Politicians and other officials were made to live and work from the most poverty/crime ridden sections of their territories we would see those areas rehabilitated in no time. Nowadays they live as far as they can from the troubles they’re supposed to solve.

It’s this distance-from-the-problems that leads to neglect and irresponsibility. We’re not supposed to have poverty districts a century old. That’s absurd as the U.S. makes more money and wastes more money because of the psychopaths and sociopaths who’ve gotten the upperhand in our government and industries. I’d bet if the leaders had to live among the same repetitive violence and neglect so many tens of millions of Americans live under they would change laws faster than the speed of light.


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North Korea Threatens To Re-Open Nuclear Weapons Plant!

North Korea reopens nuclear power plant.


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Real Message About The Middle East


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Thomas Jefferson Getting Real

spoof pictures


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Occupy Wall Street Protests Are What Starting Shit Is All About!

After a long hiatus I’m back because I seen now that other people are standing up for what’s right and that’s the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

They’re all over the place nowadays and not just the U.S. but all around the world. This movement really has made an impact and is now part of the world stage.

This is how you protest, you become a pain in the ass. You don’t need to bomb things or set things on fire, just start some shit by being a royal pain.

Now Winter is approaching and the protesters are up against many challenges. However, they have far more advantages than protesters or people who had been under oppression before in the U.S.. One need only go back to the 1800s when the U.S. Government chased and slaughtered and imprisoned Native Americans. Even European Americans have suffered under the government as in the old mining and farming scandals.

What the OWS protesters should be protesting is betrayal. Betrayal from those whom they entrusted with their lives and money. It’s so apparent now that the bulk of the population is realizing that far too much of government policy, business policy, and more are rigged. In computer talk we call it “not user friendly”. Our educational system is a seedbed of corruption. Kids aren’t taught the fundamentals of survival within a capitalist system. They’re shoved through so they can go into deep debt by the time they’re out of college. If they get married, have children, get a home, they’re damn near half a million in the hole. Meanwhile jobs are sent overseas and there’s no hope in sight as the warnings that should have come didn’t. The mainstream media spent more time focusing on Britney Spears and Dancing With The Stars than warning us of the corruption that turned the U.S. into a desperate country.

So now tens of thousands of people in the U.S. are fighting back and it’s during a volatile presidential election year.

This is gonna be fun to watch.


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Charlie Sheen Wins 1st “Start Shit” Award!

It had to happen. It was overdue. The tally is in and none other than actor Charlie Sheen has won the very first “START SHIT AWARD”!

This award is given to any person or group that rises above the average and starts enough shit that the world has to pay attention. This is an award to people who just don’t give a shit and are willing to stand up for what they believe in whether this website agrees with their opinions or not. It’s a matter of celebrating the people and groups that just don’t settle for anything less than their own ability to stand by their words and deeds and confront whatever is challenging them.

In recent memory, no one has started more shit than Charlie Sheen. He has literally taken over the world as he battles against major networks and critics. Dude had the #1 sitcom, has starred in major blockbuster movies, now has his own webcast, broke records on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace combined. and just won’t stop!

You’ve gotta give the man credit for standing his ground and he’s just the kind of Spanish man you just don’t want to mess with.

So here he is now awarded our very first “START SHIT AWARD”. Sheen beat out the demonstrators in Egypt who toppled their government because he didn’t beat up any reporters yet.


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A Look At Who’s Really Behind Health-Care Reform Opposition

History Of Health Care Reform Efforts

This essay really knocked me out for a loop when I read it. Alot of the data presented I’ve known about but had no idea it was this extensive and more.

It’s fine to have an opposing viewpoint to a subject, but to methodically engage in a long term sinister opposition based on greed, spite, and hate is just too much. It’s a damned shame that the conservatives in the U.S. have had such a downright evil history of oppression of their fellow human beings as opposed to their counterparts elsewhere in the world. Conservatives are supposed to be God-fearing folks who look out for what’s right. However in the U.S. there’s this ongoing group of pseudo-conservatives that for over a century have ruined the conservative movement with their lies, schemes, greed, and hate.

Here’s one test of a conservative: Are they in church alot?

If not, they’re full of more shit than a constipated elephant.

Criminals are found in all political parties and institutions because it’s easy to latch on to groups of people and dispense subterfuge as these folks are eager to win. Just spit out that rhetoric they want to hear and you’re in good with them. Then slowly work your way to control of the group and you’ve done some real nifty manipulations.

So when you hear shit throwing monkeys like Rush Limbaugh and the ever growing group of right-wing talk show hosts that monkey-see monkey-do him, just remember where it’s coming from.


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