Balloon Boy!

So as many of you know and have watched on television all day a kid let loose his parent’s experimental flying saucer type balloon and every cop in creation was all over the place chasing the damned thing.

It’s these kinds of stories that make my day. Why? Because they so fuck up reality and make things so bizarre that you temporarily forget about how stupid shit really is.

I hope a five-year-old hijacks a stealth bomber and takes on a Chucky Cheese restaurant with sidewinder missles and mustard gas.

What’s going to happen next? Some octogenarian breaks out a mini-gun and goes after the stockholders of Poli-Grip?

Who freakin’ knows? This is the age of insanity to the second power with Durkee Hot Sauce on it.

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This post was written by Greg on October 16, 2009


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  1. ED November 22, 2009 6:00 pm

    Yes, you are right! Cool post )

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