Well this week’s “Asshat Award” goes to Israeli Holon Mayor Motti Sasson who was upset about seeing foreign players in his country. According to AFP via

Asshat Award
This dumb ass throwback just sent race relations back 50 years. Israel’s already got a problem with a long term series of racist
policies and actions against Black people and this incident was about as helpful as wearing combat boots at a ballet.

You wonder what else goes on in the minds of officials in Israel. How did this knuckle-walker get elected mayor in the first place?
No one noticed he was a screw up?

He’s since apologized but even a moron could see he was this way his entire life and he only apologized because he got busted.


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Do I need to go into how stupid this study is? How in the world is a video game going to make someone racist? You have to be taught to be a racist. When humans are left alone they have a tendency to just play and grow with each other. It takes a low-brow knuckle-walker to come along and introduce hatred.

If video games were the source of racism then where were the Playstations and X Box consoles and games throughout the swell of racism of the past 1,000 years? I don’t recall seeing a movie of the heads of Europe or Asia or America playing Grand Theft Auto or any of those games.

It ain’t the game, it’s the game master. You threaten a person or reward them with racist attitudes and that’s more than likely what you’ll end up with.

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Malaysian Air Flight 370…Computer Hacked?

Well here we are in week two of this mystery regarding Malaysian Air flight 370.

There are more theories regarding what happened to this plane than there are farts at the annual Chili Eating Contest in Texas.

Everybody and their brother has a theory and that’s okay because some are so outlandish that it becomes entertaining unless you’re a family member or a friend of those poor souls onboard the flight. It’s got to be devastating to them not knowing what’s going on. The big thing is this incident is showing the world how incompetent we are in these matters after being told for years and spending 100s of billions of dollars on technologies that were supposed to detect and resolve such incidents.

We’re all in a quandary about radar, satellite surveillance and all the other top high tech gizmos our governments are supposed to have but none has of yet found this jet. So many things don’t make sense that in all probability the old adage that ‘hiding in plane sight’ may be the answer.

One question remains though. We now know that the plane was one of the new high tech ones that has an onboard computer system. This system is what is used to plot the course of the jet. The pilots can program it or the airport ground control can program it. Since it’s a computer my question to the rest of the press is could someone have hacked that computer system and taken over the jet?

It seems plausible as when these new computer systems were being engineered there were concerns that hacking could occur. Since hacking has just about upended every other system we have from banks to the NSA, then hacking an airliner’s computer system isn’t that far fetched.


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Politicians Should Live In The Most Poverty Stricken Areas Of Their Districts

Politicians Should Live In The Most Poverty Stricken Areas Of Their Districts

If Politicians and other officials were made to live and work from the most poverty/crime ridden sections of their territories we would see those areas rehabilitated in no time. Nowadays they live as far as they can from the troubles they’re supposed to solve.

It’s this distance-from-the-problems that leads to neglect and irresponsibility. We’re not supposed to have poverty districts a century old. That’s absurd as the U.S. makes more money and wastes more money because of the psychopaths and sociopaths who’ve gotten the upperhand in our government and industries. I’d bet if the leaders had to live among the same repetitive violence and neglect so many tens of millions of Americans live under they would change laws faster than the speed of light.


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I’m baaaaack and ready to attaaaaack!

I’ve been away working like a dog. Drawing comic books, writing for news sites, fighting for my health and looking for a blonde I can call my own.

Now after today’s news about sexual abuse in the military I had to come back and start shit again.

Basically two news stories broke. The Senate didn’t pass a bid to overhaul the way the military handles sexual assault cases which are epidemic. Also, a Brigadier General who got busted for raping a woman under his command and coercing others to have sex with him or he’d kill their families is going to plead to lesser charges. Mind you this asstard fuck up was one of the top commanders in Afghanistan and ran the 82nd Airborne. Now we are sitting here broke as fuck and wondering where that $6 trillion we spent the past 13 years fighting in Afghanistan and LOST went. Oh, maybe it was under the guidance of military officials who couldn’t keep their pants on and thought their fellow American Citizens were sex toys.

They should take this general out and beat him with a horsewhip live on television and post it on YouTube.

In regard to the military handling sexual assault cases they have about as much to stand on in court as a double leg amputee in quicksand. They couldn’t even stop several of their top generals from acting like the military was their own private whorehouses and they are beefing about that if handling sexual assaults in the military fell under more civilian control that the chain of command would be compromised?

Hellooooo you double dipshit assclowns, the military is already compromised especially if you’re butt raping people under your command. It doesn’t get more compromised than that does it?

So write your legislature and start shit with them. They deserve it.

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