Charlie Sheen Wins 1st “Start Shit” Award!

It had to happen. It was overdue. The tally is in and none other than actor Charlie Sheen has won the very first “START SHIT AWARD”!

This award is given to any person or group that rises above the average and starts enough shit that the world has to pay attention. This is an award to people who just don’t give a shit and are willing to stand up for what they believe in whether this website agrees with their opinions or not. It’s a matter of celebrating the people and groups that just don’t settle for anything less than their own ability to stand by their words and deeds and confront whatever is challenging them.

In recent memory, no one has started more shit than Charlie Sheen. He has literally taken over the world as he battles against major networks and critics. Dude had the #1 sitcom, has starred in major blockbuster movies, now has his own webcast, broke records on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace combined. and just won’t stop!

You’ve gotta give the man credit for standing his ground and he’s just the kind of Spanish man you just don’t want to mess with.

So here he is now awarded our very first “START SHIT AWARD”. Sheen beat out the demonstrators in Egypt who toppled their government because he didn’t beat up any reporters yet.


This post was written by evolbaby on March 10, 2011