A Look At Who’s Really Behind Health-Care Reform Opposition

History Of Health Care Reform Efforts

This essay really knocked me out for a loop when I read it. Alot of the data presented I’ve known about but had no idea it was this extensive and more.

It’s fine to have an opposing viewpoint to a subject, but to methodically engage in a long term sinister opposition based on greed, spite, and hate is just too much. It’s a damned shame that the conservatives in the U.S. have had such a downright evil history of oppression of their fellow human beings as opposed to their counterparts elsewhere in the world. Conservatives are supposed to be God-fearing folks who look out for what’s right. However in the U.S. there’s this ongoing group of pseudo-conservatives that for over a century have ruined the conservative movement with their lies, schemes, greed, and hate.

Here’s one test of a conservative: Are they in church alot?

If not, they’re full of more shit than a constipated elephant.

Criminals are found in all political parties and institutions because it’s easy to latch on to groups of people and dispense subterfuge as these folks are eager to win. Just spit out that rhetoric they want to hear and you’re in good with them. Then slowly work your way to control of the group and you’ve done some real nifty manipulations.

So when you hear shit throwing monkeys like Rush Limbaugh and the ever growing group of right-wing talk show hosts that monkey-see monkey-do him, just remember where it’s coming from.


This post was written by Greg on August 17, 2009

Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate Controversy

You wonder where people come up with bullshit like this.

The ongoing controversy regarding President Obama is that he’s not really an American Citizen because he
can’t prove his origin of birth.

Mind you, he’s been driving, voting, serving in office, passed national security screenings, FBI, CIA, Dept.
of Justice, passports etc. but for some dumbass reason not one of these agencies and procedures has
discovered that he doesn’t have a valid birth certificate.

That makes about as much sense as giving a werewolf a flea collar.

People come up with this shit just to have something to attack someone with. Then it gets on the
internet which is a via for every nonsensical story since the ones about Elvis Presley having risen
from the dead and had himself surgically altered by aliens to become Michael Jackson.

It all starts with an email and then it snowballs into some big pile of crap that only a Sherpa could climb
over to see the light of day.

To say Obama went through high school, college at an ivy league school, got elected to the Senate,
and on and on with no one checking the authenticity of his citizenship is sheer bull biscuits.

If half the energy and attention this latest rumor has gathered were spent on cleaning up the
legislative branches of government we might get our country back.


This post was written by Greg on August 1, 2009