Obama’s Health Care Reform

The debate is on regarding this legislation on health care reform. The bone of contention is that it’s being rushed through so fast someone might miss something.

At first I was concerned with this speed but then I had to stop and realize something and that is you have people screaming and yelling about how fast implementing health care is but no one is screaming and yelling about how long it’s taken to get here.

Universal coverage has been suggested for the past 100 years in the U.S. and every attempt to get it in as a birthright to the tens of millions of Americans who’ve sacrificed their lives and resources has gone unheeded, stonewalled, and downright criminally interfered with. If as many people who are lambasting President Obama and the speed of which this legislation is moving had bitched and moaned about how long we haven’t had coverage and the untold millions who have died over the past 100 years, we’d not only have coverage but Star Trek like cures and treatments by now.

There are doctors and scientists and even common folk who have been pushing for known cures and treatments but can’t get a foothold because of big pharmaceutical lobbyists and organized criminal fronts who make big money off our being ill. Look at the stem cell issue. There are embryonic stem cells which no one should use because not only of the moral implications but because they’re proven to be dangerous and there are adult stem cells, stem cells that already exist in our bodies that can easily be treated and used now and the mounting success stories are overwhelming. Cheap, clean, highly effective treatments that have allowed the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk. Yet it took years to get funding for it.

The death knell for the sadistic and psychotic medicine mongers is nigh. Sure the legislation is sloppy and sure the taxpayer is going to fit the bill, but that bill will drop if we implement the necessary safeguards of prevention from illnesses and injuries as well as applying the new technologies that are cheaper and more effective. Less sick people means less strain, plain and simple.


This post was written by evolbaby on July 24, 2009