NY Times Looks At Major Newspapers In Dire Straits

Okay so I grew up in the news business. Actually started at the Gannett News Service and worked with them for about 8 years straight.

I’ve been now working with online news services for over 12 years. The problem with the news industry is that in general they’re delusional about reality. When we told them about the value of the internet we were scoffed at and they were late taking advantage of the value of the web. Other people came along like Matt Drudge from Drudgereport.com, Jeff Rense from Rense.com, Art Bell from Coasttocoastam.com did follow up and now are huge. They’re the most popular along with the likes of Alex Jones and the rest of the alternative rebel media but it shows that you’ve got to be on your toes, not bigotted and take charge when you should.

Now the advertising dollars are now all over the web. Actually the commercials on the internet are better than the ones on mainstream tv. We’re becoming a web based society and moving away from television and newspapers. Yes there’s a class when it comes to picking up that newspaper but it’s starting to look primitive because our phones, toys, watches, jewelry can carry news from every part of the galaxy for pennies and we have the option to print.

The news industry is getting it’s ass kicked because they laid down in bed with the same intellects who have ruined this country and world. It’s like that old saying if you lay down with dogs you’ll get fleas and believe you me the news industry has got some fleas and then some. Instead of following after the banking monsters who’ve ruined this world for over 100 years they laid down and now they’re paying the price. The people of the world don’t trust mainstream news anymore except the weather and sports. Things they themselves can validate with a glance.

While the greed of evil doers wasted our world’s economy over the past 8 years the mainstream news industry didn’t follow up. Now it’s biting them in the ass and that is dangerous to us all. It may be the dues coming back at the Devil and he’s got to hock his pitchforks. That’s good news, however the standards of journalism are at stake here. How will we define them? Alternative news sites can be just as irresponsible as mainstream news sites. Now I think the difference will be the public’s ability to send in feedback with facts. We’re now dealing with journalism with instant validation. It’s tough to push an agenda for the big banking cabals when everyone this side of the Sun can come in from the outfield with a fact or reference that would normally be occluded.

The power of the press is now in the hands of the people and I think they’ll do a good job of policing themselves as the founding fathers had intended.


This post was written by evolbaby on January 19, 2009

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