The Economics Problem

It’s way past the time to start some shit about this nonsense. Bailout of the big financial institutions but you the citizen left to hold the bag. Now mind you none of these financial institutions were worried about bailing you out, so why should you be concerned with saving their butts?

It’s just another case of the mega wealthy using our resources to maintain their operations. If this bailout doesn’t work the entire world as we know it will be up for grabs. It’s almost a trillion dollars to operate this bailout and with no guarantees down the line.

It’s a bandaid on a head wound strategy and once again you can count on the Republicans for this nonsense. From the days when Nixon removed the gold standards and the usury laws were nullified to the Reaganites and the start of the deregulation bandwagon.

The safeguards were removed in direct opposition of what the Founding Fathers wanted and to prove it look at the shit we’re in now. There’s no debate, there’s no gray area here, them’s the facts jack.

We the people are faulty. We’re not perfect and given to errors so we have safeguards put in place by the wisest of us in order to prevent and repair when we do go astray.

We’ve spent trillions on a war in a country that didn’t attack us and not enough in on a country that did. There’s enough blame to go around and why we’re where we are is anwerable by every foul up in human history. Same causes, different names.

It’s going to take some drastic changes in our behavior as a collective nation to alter things for the better. We’re not going to fall into Depresssion Era dispair but it’s gonna be close if worse happens. Natural disasters, terrorism, we’re hanging on by a thread but we do have enough courage, money, resources, drive to survive where others would end up in the soup. It’s not gonna be pretty but shoveling one’s way out of the shitpile never is.


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McCain, Palin, & President Bush Discuss Republican Strategies

Rallying together to discuss the recent presidential debate, Republican candidates John McCain, Sarah Palin, and President Bush get together for photographs while discussing the latest campaign strategies.

Of course this is a screen cap of the classic animated tv show “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle”. I had to post it as the naughty got hold of me.


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ROFLMAO! McCain says “stymie” during the presidential debate.

Maybe I’m too old but if your running mate is a black guy you don’t use terms like “stymie” during your debate with him.

Next thing you know that “Little Rascals” music will start playing in the background.


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David Letterman Dogpiles On John McCain…McCain Dissed Dave!


I thought this was part of a gag but late night talk show host David Letterman’s response to Republican Presidential candidate John McCain’s dropping out of their scheduled interview has left CBS with egg on their face.

Letterman obviously peeved at the fact that McCain ditched their interview and instead chose to do one with Katie Couric made Dave sore and Dave showed his creative muscle by snagging an internal newsfeed of McCain gettin’ pretty for the Couric interview when he had told Letterman he’d be off to Washington to face the economic crisis.

Dave got the last laugh. Why? Because like most politicians McCain did a weasle for the pretty spot. He knew Letterman’s wit was too sharp for him. He knew Letterman was going to ask him the tough questions and he chickened out.

Well Dave threw down and started some shit so he gets this week’s “Star Shit Award” for starting the most shit as a talk show host.

Now I’ll have to make up some certificates and get a sculpture made.


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Okay this is too funny. Someone dug up Sarah Palin’s Miss Alaska Beauty Pageant video. The video speaks for itself.


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This is scary. It’s a video of Sarah Palin at a church getting ‘saved’. That’s not the scary part it’s what the preacher has to say. Watch the whole vid. We do NOT want this politician anywhere near nuclear weapons, sharp objects, or Bullwinkle.

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Channel 7 Eyewitness News…NY News that changed the world.

When I was a kid something happened so amazing we couldn’t beleive it as we watched. Right there on the evening news the newscasters were joking, laughing, and enjoying themselves while they delivered the news!

We thought something had gone wrong with the tv set and that someone was playing a joke on us. It was the early 1970’s and channel 7, ABC’s Eyewitness News broke with the stoic tradition of stark faced newsmen and turned into somewhat of a reflection of ourselves. They delivered the news, focused on the raw data but in their delivery the didn’t come off as drones but as real people who had real issues like the rest of us. Ratings boomed and legends were born and the sheer face of tv and radio news from then on changed to a more friendly, humane touch. Nowadays it’s a bit too over the top to the point of absurdity in many cases but it all began with Eyewitness News in NY.

If memory serves, Roger Grimsby, Bill Beutel, John Johnson, Melba Tolliver, Geraldo Rivera, Anna Bond, Doug Johnson, and the rest made us smile and put fear in the hearts of evil doers with their hard hitting reporting. It was a great time as Woodward and Bernstein were taking down President Nixon and his cronies and worldwide reporters found new courage and resources and we the people were being served the real news, no sugar coating it the way the Founding Fathers probably wanted it.

That team got me interested in the news biz. I remember one of the biggest kicks I’ve ever had is when in 1983 during a story about the bombing in Beirut Lebanon at the Marine Corps barracks, Roger Grimsby mentioned my name on the air. That’s a long story but I was working in a newsroom at the time at an historic newspaper and it was quite something.

Too bad nowadays the financial and military indtustrialists and tabloids have dominated. A great chance was lost but perhaps the internet has taken up the mantle of courageous journalism.

We’ll see.


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President Bush’s speech addressing the financial crisis 9/24/08

I’m sitting here watching this clown give a speech about the history of how we got into this shit in the first place. Noticing how he’s putting the blame on everything except the war he’s started in Iraq and Afghanistan. Forget about the billions if not trillions these wars have cost us but sure it’s the fault of the financial institutions and the Americans who couldn’t budget properly.

The talk show hosts love when he gets on the air and then they start up about how great he is and then a few days later they’re back on railing on the guy.

He says his “natural instincts” are to let bad companies go under for making bad decisions. Well that explains the problem right there. His ‘bad decisions’ are making the U.S. go under but of course it’s not his fault or responsibility.

The main problem is that our sacrifice for over 100 years has not been equitable to the common folk. They’re constantly subjected to markets based on nothing more than gambling on the future. You do know what the ‘Futures’ market is? Well that’s it. We bet on stocks, bonds, annuities etc. and then there’s credit. We bet we’ll be able to pay it back. We’re living on ‘maybes’ and they never come. It’s a scam.

Instead of bailing out the big corporations, bail out the home mortgage owners so they can start companies based on sanity and fair play instead of bailing out mega corporations that already have shown their inadequacies.

America deserves better not a big idiot gamble with $700 billion of our money. They’ve already gambled and lost, why risk what little we have again?

Invest in the American and you’ll gain a million fold in return. Invest in the corporate idiots and you’ll end up right back in the shit again.


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Did you ever stop to think that we’re actually discussing the fact that we need to bailout financial institutions to the tune of over $700 billion?

The mere idea that in this day and age that we as a species could have fucked up this much and have landed ourselves in so much shit that we have to bail out the people and institutions who walk away with tens of millions if not billions of dollars in severance packages for screwing up this bad?

How in the world did we get this deep in it? Very simply, we got greedy, stupid, and it’s now a reality that at least half the population of the United States is out of their damned minds.

That half doesn’t think, they react to hearsay, innuendo, and downright idiotic gossip. We followed a madman and his oil cronies into a war that was probably inevitable to the point our largest financial bonus in U.S. history got eaten up blowing up a country that didn’t have an army.

Why? Because the same family, the Bush family, that has been a plague to the United States since the mid to late 1800’s is still running around fucking things up.

See, it’s Bush’s fault!

Not, but they sure are there smack dab in the middle of it all.

Bottom line is the financial fate of the world is in the balance and although John McCain may mean well, he’s got to prove to us beyond any shadow of a doubt that he’s no flunky of the oil magnates.

Obama on the other hand has to show he won’t turn into some liberal zombie tossing around what little we do have trying to save the world.

Let it be known we’re in the mess we’re in because leadership in this country has been allowed to be measured by how much money you can muster, not how much courage you have.


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Poster Dude For “My Baby Daddy Magazine”…The 2008 Election Goes “Jerry Springer”…

Gov. Palin’s daughter’s “Baby Daddy”

This shit is too funny to believe. Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin’s daughter hits the news because she’s underage and pregnant. News hit the wires faster than a Britney Spears sighting.

This election has now entered the “Jerry Springer” stage and I expect during the first debate between Palin and Joe Biden a fist fight will break out on stage and someone will start throwing chairs.

In the story he is semi quoted as referring to himself as a “redneck”. The mere thought of “rednecks” making it as far north as Alaska and breeding is more frightening than the spread of West Nile Virus.

Doesn anyone else think that things have gotten so out of hand that they can’t write situation comedy characters more funny and screwed up than our own lives? It’s said “truth is stranger than fiction” but no mention about it being “funnier than comedy”.

I guess Shakespeare would disagree.

Anyhow, in all fairness just because one of your family members is governor of the largest land mass state in the union doesn’t mean everyone is going to be Brady Bunch perfect. People make mistakes and when we’re thrust into the limelight all our dirty laundry hits the air. This matter will be handled by the Governor and her family and friends and hopefully these two young people will have a healthy baby and live a happy life together.

Maybe Palin and McCain will nominate Jerry Springer for Secretary of the Interior.

I couldn’t resist it. I’m soooo bad!


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