This election year is like being on an episode of one of those classic Irwin Allen sci-fi tv shows.

For us old folks, those shows were state-of-the-art for their day.  Filled with top actors from stage and screen and wonderful musical scores from such legends as John Williams.  Those shows always had something evil afoot.  There had to be either a mad scientist lurking about or some raging monster whose origin was usually the makings of some disturbed area or that aforementioned mad scientist.

In this election year we’re up to our asses in mad scientists and monsters.  Global evil villains too!  We haven’t had this many evil villains since WWII and most of them were foreigners.  Now our worst villains are wolves in the American fold.  These are the people who don’t give two flying farts about you or me, they’re motivated by global powers who in turn are motivated by greed and control.  Their antics are so blatant that to question them no longer bring jeers and taunts of “conspiracy theorist” but moans and grumbles such as “so what next?”.

We’ve gotten too use to evil.  We just let evil hang around and visit and sit on the front porch and partake of our rheumatism medicines and pet the family hound dog.  We just let evil be all-up-in-here doin’ what it wants. 

We’ve got to knock it off. 

It’s obvious the Republican Party has been taken over, riding off the popularity of President Reagan it’s turned itself into a boy-chasing group of war and death mongers and using rhetoric and imagery to mobilize the folks who hold true Republican ideals into the slaughter.  Judas Goats they be.  The Republican Party is too dangerous to be present amongst us.  It needs a cleaning out like no other to get itself back on track.  We cannot afford another four or eight years of these assclowns. 

On the other hand there’s Barack Obama and Joe Biden. 

Are you laughing yet? 

Here we have so much history in the making it’s not even funny.  Obama rose like a lightning bolt to become the first African American nominated for the post of President of the United States…that we know of.  Rumor has it we’ve already had half a dozen Presidents whose ancestry rose from folks from Africa but that’s something no one wants to talk about.  Anyhow, Obama is campaigning on change, but what change is he offering?  I didn’t see him talk about reforming lobbying or special interest groups.  I didn’t see any tax reform announcements.  All we get from Obama is air play.  He just wants to hold on long enough to get elected and then do what he’s going to do which I hope is not get Democratic on our asses.  We don’t need that.

Republicans live off implanting fear.  There’s always something to be afraid about where Republicans stand.  They, like Irwin Allen, have to have that monster and that evil scientist or menace to motivate things.  Democrats on the other hand pick things so far outreaching like global warming or asteroid collisions that people lose their grip right off the bat.

Neither side is anywhere near clear cut scientific application.  Both sides have a clear agenda of bullshitting you into following them on their own ill fated quests to capture their own Moby Dick.

Who has the better agenda?  Right now we can’t do any worse than what the Republican Party has deteriorated into.  When we had Democrats we had bounty and plenty. 

You figure it out on your own.  That’s what freedom really means.

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This post was written by evolbaby on August 31, 2008