Bush, Hypocrisy, Bullshit, & The War On Drugs

Here we are in the last year of the Bush administration and he starts up about the poison that drugs are bringing into the U.S..

Is he any freakin’ where near reality?

The entire U.S. drug enforcement community caught that idiot in the biggest lies told since who knows when.

Mind you, after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 no planes flew, no trains moved, ports around the country and world were on high alert.  People started running out of beer and cigarettes but not one shortage of dope showed up!  Dope just flowed as smoothly as before.

How ‘dat happen?

here we are years later and the country that supplies 90% of the heroin in the world, Afghanistan has the U.S. occupying it trying to kill Al Queda but the flow of heroin is at all time highs!  How the fart do you drop the U.S. Army into an area and they don’t control it?

Oh, I know! Lemme raise my hand!  Just look at Colombia and Brazil.  All the cocaine in the Universe comes out of these countries that are just south of us but can we stop it?  Do we invade and blow up the cocaine fields which eveyone can see via Google Maps but for some damned reason the entire UN, U.S. and S. American police can’t see?  We can fly billions of tons of men and material halfway around the world to blow up a country that hadn’t attacked us based on some bullshit a cab driver said but we can fly a couple of planes to S. America and blow up some plants?

Am I the only one who sees this shit?

After almost 8 years of this crap the only people safe are the oil companies and the drug and weapons companies.

Results speak for the true intentions.

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This post was written by evolbaby on January 31, 2008

Britney Spears Does It Again! Sent To Hospital 2nd Time In Month


 This is really getting beyond tragic.  This poor woman is in all sorts of a mixup and now she’s back in a hospital with a bunch of headshrinkers all over her.

Why does this sound like things are going to get worse?

Why? Because it’s the headshrinkers who probably drove Spears to this nonsense in the first place.  She and her man were doing fine til others butted into their family lives with paparrazzi and their two-cents and scattered their attention from what was important and that was ‘family’.

No doubt about it.  Her and her family are under assault and all she’s doing is dramatizing the stress from it all.  Sure she has to take some responsibility but getting away from everybody and their nosey bullshit would be a great start.

 The press and greedy, controlling psychiatric agendas are gonna do her in like so many other celebrities if someone doesn’t get in there and help that family out.

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This post was written by evolbaby on January 31, 2008

President Bush’s Last State Of The Union Address

The only thing good about this State of the Union address is that it’ll be Bush’s last.

Once more he’s proven that not all chimps are in zoos and in the wild.

He continually talked about the good done in Iraq and didn’t cognite on the fact that OUR country is in shit deeper than a fly wearing snow shoes.  We’re on the verge of several economic disasters but big oil has all time high profits and the arabic oil producers are protected and the weapons dealers are well protected but fuck all of us with tens of millions of illegal immigrants from all over the world just waltzing up and down Main St. USA tearin’ ass six ways to Sunday.

He didn’t mention that.

But a trillon dollar war based on some family vindictive bullshit regarding a dictator the U.S. propped up and supported in the first place is supposed to make us all feel good. 

Everyone who voted for this mentally ill man should be taken out and horse whipped by a real horse.

Not only did he skirt around the big issues and tried to pablum us with his support the veterans and their families nonsense he started up with that referring to the Middle East as the “Holy Land”.  Yeah it’s holey now because it’s been bombed to shit and and Shakespeare.  He didn’t give two flyin’ farts about the vets til ABC’s Bob Woodruff exposed the lack of attention and care veterans had been getting.

For the past 8 years the whole world has been suckered by the military/energy/industrial gangsters AGAIN because the press sat on it’s ass instead of doing it’s job.  Cowardice is not what life is about. 

Being Republican used to stand for something.  Now it’s like how much ass can an elephant kiss to make sure the stats are up.

Greed is what got all this going and greed is what’s going to see the end of foolishness like this.  Bush talked about how the future will look back at what he’s done and the future will state how selfish and psychotic he and his cronies are and how stupid we were not to see it in the first place.

Yeah, the Middle East and big oil are safe but at the cost of American lives and futures.

Thanks George.

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This post was written by evolbaby on January 30, 2008

Australian Government To Apologize To Aborigines


 Sometimes you wonder.  It took this long for the Australian people to come to terms with their past and the subjugation of the Aborigines. 

I don’t know about us Native American folks if we ever got an apology but considering so many people from other countries come here because their homelands were overrun by invaders and then hate run roughshod over our land without so much as an apology you mesmerize over the hypocrisy.

At least this is a gesture. Maybe there’ll be some headway to establishing peace once and for all of the native people’s of Australia.

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This post was written by evolbaby on January 30, 2008

John Beck’s Free And Clear Real Estate System…Good or Bad?


By now I’m sure you’ve all seen these real estate infomercials.  They’ve been running on tv since the 1980’s. Oddly enough the guys and gals who appear in them usually end up doing federal time in prison for some strange reason.

 You’ld think by now the authorities would have caught on and nab these ne’er-do-wells in the bud. 

Well here’s a chap who’s real estate system is getting lots of flack from unsatisfied customers.  The John Beck Real Estate System has more complaints than God gets about fat and zits.

The link above leads to some testimonials from customers who bought the system.  Basically it supposedly shows you how to buy tax foreclosed mortgages for pennies on the dollar.  Sure it’s an old practice and the savvy can do well in that way of acquiring properties, however, a sales pitch for a program that teaches you how and that program has a mountain of complaints is something to be wary about and the public should be informed.

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This post was written by evolbaby on January 27, 2008

Actor Heath Ledger Found Dead In New York


 News just broke on this shocking story. 

Keep an ear to the ground on this one gang.  Heath Ledger was beloved by a lot of people.  Let’s hope we get the real deal and not some tabloid nonsense.

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This post was written by evolbaby on January 22, 2008

Scientist Clones Himself!


 This story is fantastic.  A scientist clones himself as well as fellow co-workers.

I wrote a comic book series about this 20 years ago called “RADREX” it was about gangster who was cloning the world’s most beautiful women for sale.  It’s been optioned for movie production several times. Prophetic.

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This post was written by evolbaby on January 18, 2008

4 Photographer Paparazzi Busted For Chasing Britney Spears.


 It’s about damned time someone threw some of these assclowns in the clink for doing this chasing through the streets, endangering innocent bystanders, just to get a picture of a celebrity shit.

This nonsense is what killed Princess Diana and the paparazzi should be taken out and beaten with a crowbar for this hazardous nonsense.  I hope the judge throws the book at them and then throws another book at them.

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This post was written by evolbaby on January 18, 2008

Tom Cruise Video Controversy…WTF?

It’s like every month some new story circulates the headlines about actor Tom Cruise.

It’s like the guy can’t mow his lawn without some conspiracy or massive attack against him and his family and religion has to occur.

You wonder what type of mentality is behind such stuff.

There’s a big controversy because of a video of him discussing his Scientology beliefs in a Scientology in-house promotion video that has been appearing on the internet in various locations.  Of course there are lawsuits flying and should be if the material is copyrighted and trademarked.  The main problem I have is that when Cruise was just a movie hunk he was the press’ golden boy, soon as he spouts off about his religion he’s now the whipping boy.  That’s unfair.  I don’t talk about Scientology because it’s too complex and yadda on yadda but it’s his business what he believes.  It’s his birthright in the U.S. to worship as he so desires.  You don’t see the press or gossip rags screaming at President Bush’s religious beliefs and that asshole just blew up someone else’s country on a personal vendetta and based on criminally produced intelligence data.   You don’t see that because if the press did that the fundamentalists would storm their headquarters and stomp them flat.  In this case Cruise was discussing his participation and belief in his religion and it’s unfair he gets lambasted for it. 

The world is full of crazy people who use religion as a means to an evil end.  I haven’t seen nor read about Tom Cruise bombing people’s houses or beheading infidels or stealing land so unless he goes off the deep end and does any of that stuff just lay off the guy or are you just jealous of his success?

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This post was written by evolbaby on January 17, 2008

Dumbs Shit Said: Racial Joke About Obama By William Farr Colorado Businessman…


It’s your Constitutional birthright to tell a joke.  If telling a joke were against the law then everyone would be doing time.

In the case of pioneering business family William Farr of Colorado, a racial joke about presidential candidate Barack Obama has gotten Farr into a bit of hot water.

During a banquet, Farr reportedly told a joke to the audience who were left gobsmacked and dropjawed.

The story link above gives more details.

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This post was written by evolbaby on January 17, 2008