Missing Teenage College Student Led Double Life As Porn Star…


 This is in regard to a porn star named Zoey Zane aka Emily Sander whose body was discovered after a nationwide hunt.

She apparently was the victim of a guy she knew.  What’s surprising lots of people is that Emily was a popular porn star and for

some reason no one around her knew about it.  Now we know why we can’t find Osama Bin Laden. He’s probably hiding in plain

sight.  This story of the young woman is a red flag not regarding the porn industry but about choices.  Choosing the right or

wrong people to associate with and the responsibility and consequences thereof. 

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This post was written by evolbaby on November 30, 2007


See? I got your attention didn’t I?  Why? Because the mainstream news has had Britney Spears as a lead item every time the poor woman blows her nose or has a bad hair day.  Never mind the people in the world starving to death or being tortured or losing their homes.  Nah, the more important news is how this woman’s everyday life is more important than the rest of humanity.

 When you’re famous you have to be prepared for it because so many people leech off of you to earn their living.  Gossip magazines and rags make billions spewing the most putrid and offensive nonsense that they should be considered porn.  Erroneous, libel, downright irresponsible abuse of the First Amendment of our country says I.

Ever notice how no matter what impeding doom forebodes humanity the mainstream news will find two types of stories: A famous black guy in trouble with the law ( especially if he’s a sports figure ), and a young blonde famous woman who has family or legal problems.  You can scan headlines for the past ten years and never mind the fact that we’ve murdered tens of thousands  of people to make the world free, that ain’t as important as what Black guys and Blonde girls are doing.

 Now you know why space aliens won’t land.

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This post was written by evolbaby on November 20, 2007

More Presidential Campaign Stuff

We’re now less than a year away from choosing what new flunky we’ll put in the White House.  The past two elections prove beyond any doubt that you’ll never go broke underestimating the greed and stupidity of the American voter.  Thinking for themselves is not a commodity in abundance around here.  No don’t send me any emails about how great we are when we have two elections where we voted the worst President ever in TWICE.   There’s an old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.’.  So stow that nonsense. 

We’ll all look at all the issues and then when the pressure is on we’ll vote for the candidate who either looks best in a suit or who we feel will keep the black people from moving in next door or the women from being too self reliant or the young white males from getting an education that focuses on patriotism in the right sense.

 The Republican candidates except for Ron Paul all look like they’re trying out for the ‘Mr. Weatherbee Look Alike Contest’ from Archie Comics.  The Democratic front runners look like any minute they’re going to start playing that tinny sounding theme song from the old ‘Little Rascal Our Gang’ comedy movies.

 Either way, we need to keep an eye out because this next election will indeed decide the fate of the planet from here on out.  No other election ever will be as important with the rise in nuclear weapons in unstable countries and major advances in science.

  The major issues I’m concerned with are whether or not the next President will put America FIRST instead of 33rd to the last.  We have tens of millions of people in the country who shouldn’t be here, blown up people in countries we attack on hearsay, evil warlords bent on our destruction and I for one ain’t satisfied.  We’re on a major problem with real estate, stocks, and other disasters and we need a President who knows the legislative branch, the most crooked of all our three branches of our government.  Why? Because we are a country of Whore Lawyers that’s why.  It’s been that way far too long and shame on the Judicial and Executive branches for not putting a stop to it earlier, but then again the Judicial branch is run by lawyers and the majority of Presidents have been lawyers.

I say we pass a law saying you can’t work in government if you’re a lawyer.

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This post was written by evolbaby on November 18, 2007

Unlucky Dumb Ass Award: Duane “Dog” Chapman, TV’s Bounty Hunter

You will never go broke underestimating how fucking stupid some people can be and especially when they’re sober.  Here you have popular tv show star and real life bounty hunter Duane “Dog’ Chapman using the N-word multiple times in regard to his son’s girlfriend.  The selfish fuck wasn’t concerned about the fact that maybe his son was in love with this woman and had dated her for 7 months, no, Chapman in all his stupid racist cop greedy selfish glory was more concerned that his son’s girlfriend would overhear him or his colleagues using the N-word.  Oh sure, Chapman states he doesn’t use the N-word in the derogatory usage ( you mean there’s a non-derogatory usage???), no, he’s worried the girl might hear it, record it and it gets taken out of context and his career would be over.

Ya think???????

Here is a law enforcement officer of reknown and he’s this fucking stupid and racist? He’s so selfish instead of looking at the girl as a potential daughter-in-law, he sees her as a liability?  Gee, thanks Dad! 

You wonder sometimes, here this man with a badge arrests black people and other minorities and he has a mindset like this as well as do his colleagues?  What the fuck kind of people do we have out here supposedly protecting us?  What twisted shitheads are roaming around with weapons, badges, and the right of the law?  Chapman would not even engage in this behavior had he not felt comfortable as a professional amongst his fellow professionals.  This is a glimpse at what really is in the minds of the law and gives more credence to minorities who cry racism.  Unfortunately there are criminals who’ll use the race card for sympathy, what’s more unfortunate is that Duane “Dog” Chapman just gave them all the tools they need. 



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This post was written by evolbaby on November 2, 2007