Oil Approaching $100 A Barrel! Dollar Sinks To New Low!

Okay so who didn’t predict this?

This is so silly it doesn’t even warrant headlines. The Fed is expected to lower interest rates in a few days and considering the foreclosure market if they don’t lower the interest rates we’ll be in trouble. I’m reminded of real estate and interest rates after 9/11. This is like economic terrorism perpetrated on the American People, but since the majority of Unions and pension funds own the majority shares in oil you won’t see too much complaining. This is a case of turning the greed of the people here in the U.S. into those flesh eating zombies from the movies and video games.

What ever evil genius is behind this is truly worthy of the Evil Genius Award. Beating your enemy by having him predate on his own poeple. Simply ingenius!

In other words: Suckers!

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This post was written by evolbaby on October 29, 2007

Hispanic Gang In Los Angeles Targeted Black Civilians


Okay, it doesn’t matter if the civilians were black, white, yellow. The bottom line is we’re talking an organized crime gang targeting civilians.

Now these assholes are up on trial for killing a girl because of her race. A girl!

When are we going to put our foot down regarding violent crime and just solve the situation by just applying the death penalty to ALL violent organized crime activity? Friggin’ bleeding heart liberals and their horseshit have plunged this country into a shooting gallery for the psychopathic criminals amongst us.

If the mainstream news spent as much time covering the evil criminal empires about us as they do Britney Spears, crime would have ended a long time ago.

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This post was written by evolbaby on October 26, 2007